6 December 2019

Poll: Impeachment a “liability,” AAN’s ads having “significant impact”

Wanted to flag our new polling in POLITICO Playbook this morning which shows 1) that left is losing the messaging war over impeachment, 2) that American Action Network’s campaign is having a tremendous impact in shaping public opinion, and 3) that impeachment has become a massive liability for Members of Congress who back it.

Check out the segment from playbook. And be sure to view the full polling memo here.

What New Polling Tells Us About Impeachment
Politico Playbook
Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer
December 6, 2019

THE AMERICAN ACTION NETWORK — one of the main House GOP outside groups — is one of the entities that is spending piles of cash to drive that point home. A few weeks ago, we told you that AAN was spending $7 MILLION on television in an effort to brand the impeachment as politically motivated, and hampering Congress’ work in other critical areas. One of those ads is here 

THE GROUP checked up on its investment on Sunday and Monday with polling, and says those ads are having a pretty significant impact.

AAN polled in the swing districts of Reps. SUSIE LEE (D-Nev.) and ANTHONY BRINDISI (D-N.Y.) and the very heavily Trump district represented by Rep. KENDRA HORN (D-Okla.).

HERE’S THE TOPLINE: IMPEACHMENT APPEARS — at this point, according to this polling — to be a liability. In BRINDISI’S and LEE’S districts, 53% of voters are less likely to vote for them if they support impeachment. 48% of voters are less likely to vote for HORN — whose district is quite conservative.

THIS IS NOTABLE TOO … MORE THAN 60% in each of these districts say they believe voters, not the impeachment process, should decide whether to keep Trump in office.

POLITICIANS ARE VERY FOND OF SAYING that impeachment simply isn’t breaking through back home, but this poll shows that’s BS. 64% of LEE’S constituents have seen, read or heard about their representative on impeachment, 78% of BRINDISI’S and 79% of HORN’SThe four-page polling memo