Energy9 March 2023

The left’s war on energy heats up

President Biden and the left have waged war on American energy with disastrous policies from canceling the Keystone Pipeline to even seeking bans of gas stoves.

And now, Biden’s new budget proposes a $31 billion tax on American energy that would make gas prices and energy bills EVEN higher.

This comes as AAA warns gas prices will skyrocket this summer, and families’ electricity bills are already through the roof.

The House majority has a solution – will liberals get on board to cut the red tape and restore American energy independence, or will they double down on their failing agenda?

“As the left pursues their war on energy, Americans are forced to pay the price,” said AAN Communications Director Courtney Parella. “It’s time for Biden and his liberal friends in Congress to put aside their failed policies and put American energy first.”