18 December 2020

POLL: Axne under pressure on Hart’s scheme to overturn Iowans

Rita Hart’s scheme to have Nancy Pelosi overturn the state-certified results of her failed election are not only a disaster for her own legitimacy, but it’s also putting immense pressure on Congresswoman Cindy Axne, who’s yet to speak out on the issue.

New polling out today from American Action Network says 75% of voters in Axne’s district oppose the scheme. Moreover, 2/3 of voters would be less likely to support Axne if she supports it.

No wonder Axne’s mum on whether she’ll vote to overturn her fellow Iowans’ votes.

Full polling memo is here and story from Fox News is below…

Potential House vote to overturn Iowa election results could spell trouble for another IowanFox News

Marisa Schultz

December 18, 2020


A potential House vote on who will be seated in an ongoing Iowa House congressional race could have far-reaching political ramifications for another Iowan.

Democrat Rita Hart said she’ll petition the U.S. House of Representatives to ultimately decide who won her congressional contest against Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. It was the closest House race in the nation, with Iowa certifying Miller-Meeks as the winner with a margin of just six votes.

If the Democratic-led House decides to hear Hart’s case, then that could kick off a scenario where all members of Congress would have to cast a vote on whether Hart should be seated as the official representative in the 2nd District.

Now Democrats — holding a razor-thin majority in the House — could be faced with a tough political predicament of deciding whether to let the Iowa results stand or vote to overturn them if a congressional recount comes out in favor of Hart.

A new poll of likely voters found that a potential vote could have electoral ramifications for Iowa Democratic Rep. Cindy Axne of the neighboring 3rd Congressional District.

Nearly 75 percent of those surveyed in Axne’s district said Iowa courts should handle election disputes, compared to 7 percent who said elected officials in Washington D.C. should decide, according to the polling by Cygnal obtained exclusively by Fox News.

If the House voted to install Hart as the next congresswoman, 58 percent said they would view her as an “illegitimate” member of congress. And almost two-thirds of the 3rd District residents surveyed said they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who votes to overturn Iowa’s state-certified results.

The survey of 400 of Axne’s constituents was taken Dec. 12-13 and paid for by the right-leaning American Action Network. The survey was conducted by text and by an automated phone poll of likely voters.

A spokesperson for Axne did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Hart has until Dec. 30 to file her detailed allegations with the House under the 1969 Federal Contested Elections Act. Miller-Meeks will have 30 days to respond.

Iowa Republican officials have lined up in favor of Miller-Meeks. Sen. Chuck Grassley, Sen. Joni Ernst, Rep.-elect Ashley Hinson and Rep.-elect Randy Feenstra sent a letter to House leadership and the House administration committee leaders urging them not to take up Hart’s petition saying it would “create a dangerous precedent.”

Meanwhile, Miller-Meeks is preparing her congressional offices and planning to be sworn in as the new congresswoman from Iowa’s 2nd District on Jan. 3.

“Following a recount in which we prevailed and certification by the Iowa Secretary of State with the unanimous support of the bipartisan Executive Council, I’m moving forward with the most important congressional duty, which is serving the people of eastern and southern Iowa,” Miller-Meeks said in a statement to Fox News last week. “I’m looking at setting up our district office locations and equipment given the size of the district and potential changes with redistricting. Our most important function will be helping to address the concerns of constituents and we want to be prepared to do that as soon as I am sworn in on Jan. 3.”