28 August 2017

AAN’s Middle-Class Growth Initiative to Air Ad Thanking Rep. Tim Ryan on Tax Reform in OH-13

Advertising on TV and digital platforms starting Tuesday in OH-13

WASHINGTON – American Action Network’s Middle-Class Growth Initiative (MCGI) today announced a new TV ad, “Agree,” to thank Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) for supporting tax reforms that will lower rates for American families and job creators. The ad includes a clip of Congressman Ryan urging his party to embrace tax reform, saying “we need to simplify the tax code,” and “lower the corporate tax rate.” The ad will run on TV and digital platforms in Ohio’s 13th Congressional District.

“Americans, regardless of party affiliation, agree that tax reform needs to be a priority in Congress,” said Corry Bliss, AAN Executive Director. “We thank Congressman Tim Ryan for expressing a willingness to work with conservatives to get tax reform done. We hope this is the beginning of bipartisan tax relief because the American people deserve nothing less.”

According to a recent poll, 57 percent of Americans believe the personal income tax code needs to be overhauled or changed in a major way, and nearly 70 percent of Democrats want their member of Congress to work in a bipartisan fashion to make tax reform a reality.

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ANNCR: When it comes to reforming America’s outdated tax system, top Democrats agree: 

TIM RYAN: I think we need to simplify the tax code, I think we need to lower the corporate tax rate. We can’t just be the party of redistribution of wealth, we’ve got to be the party of creation of wealth.

ANNCR: Middle-class tax cuts will get our economy moving again.

And simpler, fairer taxes mean more jobs and higher take home pay.

Thank Congressman Tim Ryan for fighting to cut taxes for working families. 


Courtney Parella

Communications Director