American Action Network Adds $2 Million To Issue Advocacy Campaign To Stop Pelosi’s Tax and Spending Hikes

WASHINGTON – American Action Network expanded its months-long issue advocacy efforts to stop Nancy Pelosi’s tax and spending hikes, and this morning added $2 million in new advertising across 8 House Districts. The campaign includes advertising on broadcast and cable television as well as digital mediums calling on Members of Congress to vote no on the “Build Back Better” agenda.

“Nancy Pelosi’s plan doles out trillions in handouts to her liberal cronies, but sticks working Americans with the bill through tax hikes and skyrocketing prices,” said AAN President Dan Conston. “Even liberal Members of Congress now admit their big spending policies are causing the economic pain families are feeling. They should heed their own advice and reverse course.”

The campaign includes the following new ad:

Kildee In His Own Words

Congressman Dan Kildee admitted on camera that the left’s big spending is causing skyrocketing inflation. He should follow his own advice before trillions in new spending makes the skyrocketing prices families are facing even worse.

In addition to the new ad above:

Congressman Tom Malinowski’s district will see a spot highlighting how he broke ethics rules to hide his finances, but wants to hire an army of IRS agents to snoop though yours. This ad will now air on cable TV. Watch here.

Congressmen Ed Perlmutter’s, Josh Harder’s, and Chris Pappas’s districts will see an ad showing how Pelosi’s cronies (trial lawyers, Hollywood and the media) get tax breaks but leave working Americans and small business with the bill. Watch here.

Congressman Andy Kim’s district will see an ad stressing local jobs that would be lost in his district.

Congresswomen Elaine Luria’s and Abigail Spanberger’s districts will also see new advertising. Stay tuned for details!

Courtney Parella

Communications Director