4 December 2018

American Action Network and Congressional Leadership Fund Announce Dan Conston as President for 2020 Cycle

WASHINGTON – The 501(c)(4) American Action Network (@AAN) and their sister super PAC the Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) today announced that Dan Conston will join as the President of both organizations. Conston, a former senior staffer at AAN & CLF, has produced media for and advised House and statewide candidates and a range of outside groups over the last decade.

“We are thrilled to welcome back Dan to AAN & CLF,” said former Senator Norm Coleman, chairman of AAN and co-founder of CLF. “Dan is one of the country’s best young operatives and we’ve seen it firsthand. He’s earned the trust of the staff, donors, and supporters of every group he’s been involved with and he’s helped elect a slew of star House Republicans.”

Coleman continued, “This cycle, Corry took AAN and CLF to new heights raising over $213 million combined. He diversified voter outreach in a visionary way by creating a model national field program. We’re thrilled he has agreed to remain as an advisor moving forward.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Dan and know he will build on the success of AAN and CLF,” said Fred Malek, Founder and Board Member of the American Action Network and Chairman of the Congressional Leadership Fund. “Corry did a tremendous job leading AAN and CLF and launching an unprecedented national field program and I know he has a bright future ahead of him.”

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know Dan over the past two years and he will do an excellent job as AAN and CLF’s new President,” said Corry Bliss. “Dan is one of the best political operatives in the country and his experience and expertise will benefit both AAN and CLF.”

“I’m honored to be a part of this effort and humbled by the opportunity,” said Dan Conston. “CLF is poised to play a decisive role in fighting to win back the Majority behind the strong leadership and vision of Leader Kevin McCarthy and Whip Steve Scalise.”

Conston, a partner in the consulting firm GCG Solutions, produces media for and advises super PACs, 501(c)(4)s, candidates, and companies. In the ’12, ’14 and ’16 cycles, Conston served in various senior roles at AAN & CLF, managing communications and independent expenditures. While serving at AAN & CLF, he amassed a record of 18-1 in House races. In 2018, Conston worked to help elect star Congressmen-elect’s Dan Crenshaw, Michael Waltz, and more.

The American Action Network is a 501(c)(4) ‘action tank’ that creates, encourages and promotes center-right policies based on the principles of freedom, limited government, American exceptionalism, and strong national security. The American Action Network’s primary goal is to put our center-right ideas into action by engaging the hearts and minds of the American people and spurring them into action to advance our center-right policy agenda.

Founded in 2011, Congressional Leadership Fund is the super PAC endorsed by House Republican Leadership and dedicated exclusively to electing a Republican Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. CLF is an independent-expenditure super PAC that operates independently of any federal candidate or officeholder.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director