26 October 2012

American Action Network Releases New Ad in CA-10

Second Ad in Over $2.2 Million Television and Digital Advertising Campaign Against Jose Hernandez 

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network released today the second ad of a more than $2.2 million campaign in California's 10th congressional district. The candidate advocacy ad, “Rail,” highlights Jose Hernandez's record of supporting wasteful taxpayer-funded projects like California's high-speed rail and the stimulus. “Rail” will air on broadcast and cable television in the Sacramento media market and will be accompanied by a $140,000 paid digital advocacy campaign. This is part of the recently-announced October ad campaign and comes in addition to AAN's $570,000 September campaign in CA-10.

“With his support of high speed rail and policies benefiting failed companies like Solyndra, Jose Hernandez again confirms that he has no problem watching taxpayer dollars whiz away,” said AAN spokeswoman Brook Hougesen. “Californian's just can't afford a Texas-sized tax-and-spend boondoggler like Jose Hernandez.” 

Watch the ad “Rail” here or by clicking the image. Read the script below.


[No Way Jose]


For over a decade, Jose Hernandez hasn't live here.

He's lived in Texas.

Now that he's in California, Jose wants us to pay $68 billion for high speed rail.

Not surprising.

Jose supported the stimulus that wasted millions on failures like Solyndra.

With high unemployment.


And massive debt.

The last thing we need is a Texas size boondoggle from someone who hasn't lived here.

November 6

Say no way. To Jose.

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Courtney Parella

Communications Director