6 March 2019

American Action Network Statement on Title II Net Neutrality Legislation

WASHINGTON – American Action Network (AAN) President Dan Conston today issued the following statement on the introduction of legislation to restore Title II classification and restrictions on the Internet.

“The Internet plays an important role in our everyday lives and there is widespread support for preserving an open internet.  However, our nation’s Internet laws must be modern and practical to balance consumer protections while safeguarding the freedom to innovate and ensuring continued broadband deployment.”

“Unfortunately, this legislation would shackle the Internet with outdated and burdensome regulations from nearly one hundred years ago that were originally intended for the old landline telephone. Overregulating the Internet would stifle new investment and innovation,  as well as slow down the rollout of faster, better Internet service, like 5G technology, that consumers demand and is critical to economic growth in communities large and small.”

“Instead of again rehashing the previous debate, Congress needs to look to the future and forge a new bipartisan solution, so the Internet continues to drive economic growth and opportunity in today’s digital marketplace.”

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Courtney Parella

Communications Director