28 September 2021

Cartwright sells out seniors

New reports from Social Security say the program will go bankrupt a year earlier than expected, no longer be able to pay benefits starting in 2034.

But instead of helping seniors make it to retirement, what is Congressman Cartwright working on?

A $3.5 trillion package chock full of wasteful spending to build a $200 million park in Nancy Pelosi’s district, handouts to rich folks to buy electric cars, tax credits to elite liberal universities and economy crushing tax hikes on Pennsylvania small businesses.

Talk about the wrong priorities.

“Pennsylvania seniors could lose their Social Security sooner than expected, but Congressman Cartwright is more concerned with getting Pelosi a $200 million park in her district than doing anything about it,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Cartwright and his liberal allies in Washington are putting their reckless political agenda ahead of protecting retirement for seniors.”

Courtney Parella

Communications Director