25 November 2019

ICYMI: CNN: Liberals Getting “Cold Feet” On Impeachment, Thanks To AAN’s Impeachment Ad Campaign

In case you missed it, on Sunday CNN laid out clearly how American Action Network’s $7 million anti-impeachment campaign is turning up the heat on lawmakers and causing key Members of Congress to “get cold feet” on impeaching the President.

According to the Washington Post’s Rachael Bade, “When the impeachment inquiry was first announced a lot of people were asking, ‘Can Nancy Pelosi peel off any Republicans in this final impeachment vote?’ But I think increasingly the question is becoming does she lose more Democrats?

She continues, “We’re hearing behind the scenes there are more moderates who are getting cold feet and it all comes back to these ads and people being afraid of being punished for voting to impeach the President.”

Check out the clip below. Click here for full details on AAN’s campaign. See the national and local coverage of AAN’s campaign here.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director