Health Care6 June 2011

Principles for Medicaid Reform

In a new paper out today, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Michael Ramlet, and Carey Lafferty outline the tenets of sound Medicaid reform: Medicaid desperately needs reform.  It provides sub-standard care to its beneficiaries and threatens the fiscal futures of the federal and state governments alike.  House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton and Senate Finance Ranking Member Senator Orrin Hatch have taken a common-sense approach to reforming the nation’s broken Medicaid program by asking the nation’s governors for help.  In a letter to Republican Governors’ Association Chairman and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, Chairman Upton and Senator Hatch asked for specific solutions to ensuring Medicaid’s place as social safety for the neediest Americans.  This is an important moment for Medicaid reform, which should be built on five core pillars of reform:

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Courtney Parella

Communications Director