27 April 2023

AAN Releases New Ad Campaign on House Vote of Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023

The six-figure digital ad campaign will hold the left accountable for siding against majority of Americans

WASHINGTON – American Action Network (AAN) today released a new issue advocacy campaign holding liberal Members of Congress accountable for voting against the House majority’s Limit, Save, and Grow Act of 2023. The digital ads come after a recent AAN battleground survey showed by double-digit margins that voters oppose increasing the debt ceiling without passing commonsense reforms to lower America’s debt. The poll also revealed overwhelming support for the proposed savings by Speaker McCarthy in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, like reclaiming unspent COVID relief funds, reforming energy permitting, and more.

The six-figure digital ad campaign will run in fourteen districts held by Congressional Democrats who opposed Speaker McCarthy’s popular debt ceiling proposal, which Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates would reduce the deficit by $4.8 trillion over next decade. Click here or below to view a preview of the ads:

The advertisements will run online in the following districts:

AK-AL: Mary Peltola
CO-08: Yadira Caraveo
ME-02: Jared Golden
MI-08: Dan Kildee
NC-13: Wiley Nickel
NM-02: Gabriel Vasquez
OH-09: Marcy Kaptur
OH-13: Emilia Sykes
PA-07: Susan Wild
PA-08: Matt Cartwright
WA-03: Marie Gluesenkamp Perez
NY-08: Hakeem Jeffries, House Minority Leader 
MA-02: Jim McGovern, House Rules Committee Ranking Member
PA-02: Brendan Boyle, House Budget Committee Ranking Member

“Liberals in Congress proved that they either aren’t listening to or don’t care about what Americans want, which is responsibly getting our fiscal house in order while increasing the debt ceiling,” said AAN President Dan Conston. “It’s going to be tough for Congressional Democrats to explain why they rejected responsible reforms that would reduce America’s debt by trillions and prevent an economic crisis, and it’s even tougher for President Biden to continue refusing to negotiate with Speaker McCarthy.” 

BACKGROUND: AAN’s latest debt ceiling survey shows that the meat of this bill is incredibly popular with voters in 87 battleground congressional districts:

  • Voters oppose increasing the debt ceiling without cutting government spending. (Oppose: 50% to Support: 37%)
  • By large margins, voters in battleground districts agree more with the Speaker’s overall position on the debt ceiling than President Biden’s. (McCarthy/Republicans: 53% to Biden/Democrats: 39%)
  • Americans believe that Speaker McCarthy is negotiating in good faith with President Biden (52% to 36%), and a majority say President Biden will be to blame if a compromise is not reached (51% to 40%).
  • There is overwhelming support from battleground voters for the proposed savings by Speaker McCarthy.
  • Americans in battleground districts are far more persuaded by Republican arguments than Democratic arguments on the debt ceiling, with Republican arguments polling nearly 20 points higher than Democrat ones.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director