29 August 2022

What They’re Saying: AAN’s “#1 Must Watch” Ad on Biden’s Ivy League Bailout

American Action Network’s national ad campaign on Biden’s student loan bailout made waves in the press this week for exposing his plan for what it is: a bailout for rich kids with college degrees that will be paid for on the backs of working families.

Check out the details here, the new ad here and what the press is saying below.

#1 “must-watch” ad from this week

NBC News: Five Must Watch Campaign Ads This Week: “The tongue-in-cheek ad features blue collar workers — a mechanic, a waitress and a landscaper — celebrating that their tax dollars are going to paying off other people’s loans. The group is initially spending $350,000 on the ad, which will air during college football and baseball games.”

“Speaks to a group” worried that  “spoiled rich liberals are taking what is mine.”

CNN Inside Politics

“economic wedge issue”

USA Today: “An economic wedge issue… with a barrage of attacks casting the move as elitist and unfair to the plumbers, waitresses and truck drivers who never went to college. While Biden and Democrats hope the debt cancellation energizes young voters for the midterm races, Republicans are appealing to blue-collar Americans who tend to lack college degrees.”

“features a waitress, mechanic and landscaper talking about working extra shifts to help theater majors”

POLITICO: “The ad, which will be airing during upcoming college football and Major League Baseball games, features a waitress, mechanic and landscaper talking about working extra shifts to help theater majors and business majors get out of debt. AAN is putting $350,000 behind the campaign, which will also ‘microtarget blue-collar voters on digital platforms.’”

“will air during college football and MLB games over the next week and a half”

Washington Examiner: “The American Action Network, a conservative organization, will air ads nationwide for the next 10 days featuring actors who portray everyday workers talking about how they have worked extra shifts just to help others get out of debt. The ads will air during college football and MLB games over the next week and a half.”

Axios: “AAN is spending $350,000 for the national ad campaign. The campaign will also microtarget blue-collar voters on digital platforms.”

“a slap in the face to the middle class”

CNN Erin Burnett Outfront

“president’s plan will be politically problematic”

WDBO: “The American Action Network, a conservative advocacy organization with ties to House GOP leadership, is going up with a national ad campaign for the next 10 days arguing President Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan is unfair to working-class Americans. Republicans are confident that the president’s plan will be politically problematic, and are backing up their spin with paid advertising.”

“A hot issue”

“A bailout for rich kids”

Spectrum News: “Critics, meanwhile, have said the student loan relief could have been more targeted toward lower-income Americans, instead of middle class borrowers who have the potential to earn more in the future. The Republican-linked American Action Network has begun to run ads that call it a ‘bailout for rich kids.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director