17 May 2022

Study: BBB shrinks economy, cuts 650,000 jobs

Washington liberals drove the economy into the gutter. Biden and progressives are still trying to revive “Build Back Better” and now new research shows how much worse things would be if they have their way.

According to a new study, BBB – which every Member of Nancy Pelosi’s caucus but one is on record in support of – would:

  • Eliminate 650,000 jobs
  • Hike taxes by $1 trillion
  • Shrink the economy 0.5%
  • Cut pay $350 per worker
  • Reduce the standard of living at a time when workers are already being hit with crippling inflation.

No matter how you slice it, the liberal “Build Back Better” bill would make the economic devastation even more painful for American families.

Read the full study here.

“Prices are soaring, shelves are empty, every jobs report is a disappointment, the economy is on the brink and House liberals voted to make it all even worse,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “No wonder the American people have completely lost trust in Biden’s Washington to get our country back on track.”

BACKGROUNDOver the last year, American Action Network has spent more than $20 million blanketing the airwaves in Congressional Districts across the country to stop “Build Back Better” and the economic devastation it would cause. Read more about AAN’s efforts and view our ads here here here and here.