19 September 2019

AAN Urges Lawmakers to Reject Pelosi’s Socialist Drug Plan

The American Action Network released the following statement on Nancy Pelosi’s prescription drug bill, which would amount to a socialist takeover of every American’s prescription drug benefits:

“Nancy Pelosi and Washington liberals are in reckless pursuit of a socialist agenda that would put government in charge of every aspect of American life,” said AAN President Dan Conston, “And this socialist takeover of American’s prescription drug benefits is no exception. If you think the horror stories from around the world of government rationing medications and access to lifesaving treatments can’t come to America, just wait until Pelosi and her socialist allies are in charge of your prescription medications. This plan will have devastating consequences for any American who ever needs a prescription medication and lawmakers must reject it at once.”

For years, American Action Network has been leading the fight against the left’s plans to put more government in charge of Americans’ prescription drug benefits. This year, AAN launched multiple, multi-million dollar efforts encouraging lawmakers to reject meddling with Medicare prescription drug plans and attempts to implement socialist price-fixing schemes.

Read more about our efforts:

What conservatives are saying about Pelosi’s drug plan:

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  • Newt Gingrich: Pelosi’s drug plan “is worthy of a third world socialist dictatorship and a cave to the ultra hard left.”
  • Americans for Tax Reform: Pelosi drug plan will destroy U.S. health care system
  • Town Hall: Nancy Pelosi’s drug plan is laughable
  • National Taxpayers Union: “Significant concerns” with Pelosi’s drug plan
  • Taxpayers Protection Alliance: Pelosi’s drug plan “a nonstarter for any true conservative.”
  • Daily Signal: Why Pelosi’s Drug Price Control Scheme Is a Prescription for Disaster

Courtney Parella

Communications Director